PinPoi imports thousand points of interest for your GPS navigator.

You can import Google KML and KMZ, TomTom OV2, simple GeoRSS, Garmin GPX, Navigon ASC, CSV and zipped collections directly into your phone and organize them in collections.
PinPoi searches using your GPS position or a custom location, you can choose your destination from a map and open it with your preferred app.

PinPoi is free,



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To search in POI collection you need to define and import it.

POI collections

To define new collection tap "Manage collections" in main screen, then tap the button on bottom right.

Manage collection

A POI collection has a unique name and a data source.
To define a data source you can write a remote URL or use search button to find a local file.
To import a data source tap the button, warning: remote URL requires data connection.

Edit collection

You can optionally write a collection description and define a collection group.
Collections group are useful to limit POI search.

POI search

Main page is focused on search.

Search screen

There are following fields:

POI list

Search results are displayed in list, each item contains a distance to location, azimuth and POI name.
A short tap on item opens a POI details, long tap opens map app.

POI map

Map displays POIs numbered by distance, tap on it opens details.
Big red circe is search limit, orange circle is half search limit.

POI detail

POI detail show a POI name, description, location and infos about its collection. You can write a note and set it as preferred using a star button on top right.
Tap on map button on bottom left open a your map app, long tap open a app chooser.

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